COVID-19 Sample

Collection Materials

Our COVID-19 sample materials are designed to give you the answers you deserve quickly with DNA-level accuracy to allow your physician to make guided treatment decisions.

The COVID-19 Sample Collection Materials Includes

  1. GENE-IQ COVID-19 Lab Requisition Form

  2. BioHazard Lab Bag

  3. Sputum/Saliva Collection Vial

    1. Specimen Label for 2 Patient Identifiers

    2. Red GENE-IQ Transport Security Sticker

    3. OR

    4. Sputum/Saliva Collection Cup

  4. Prepaid GENE-IQ Transport Box with Red GENE-IQ Sticker

Preparing the Specimen Container Label

  1. Write first & last name and date of birth on label using permanent marker.

  2. Cup: Write on cup label

  3. Vial: Write on specimen label

Collecting Sputum/Phlegm/Saliva Sample to Test for COVID-19 Virus

We will be asking you to collect a sample by coughing and spitting into a cup/vial. Some people will be able to cough up phlegm into their mouth and spit in the cup/vial. This phlegm can come from coughing or from your throat. If you are not able to cough up any phlegm we will ask you to spit saliva into the cup/vial.

Please carefully follow the steps below.

  1. Open the lid of the container.

  2. Place a tissue over your mouth and nose and hold with one hand while holding the container with the other hand.

  3. Try coughing as strong as you can while holding the tissue over your nose and mouth.

  4. When you are ready to spit, do it into the cup/vial, spitting any phlegm with saliva. If you are not able to produce any phlegm while coughing, spit saliva into the cup/vial.

In order to have enough saliva, allow your mouth to produce more saliva and spit multiple times into the container. Spitting 2-3 times into the container should provide enough material for testing.

*Blue fluid represented in the photo is used as an example of 2-3 ml or the amount of fluid needed from the patient.

Close the cap by following instructions in the next step to secure your cup/vial.

Please note: If lid comes off and there is leakage, we will destroy the sample for the safety of our lab technicians and your sample will NOT be processed.