Intelligent Diagnostics

What's your GeneIQ?

Higher science to guide treatment decisions and improve patient wellness.

Intelligent Diagnostics

What's your GeneIQ?

Higher science to guide treatment decisions and improve patient wellness.

The New Standard in Molecular Testing

Intelligent Testing Solutions

We specialize in a variety of PCR tests to deliver greater value and more answers.

  • Pharmacogenomics (PGx)
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  • Infectious Diseases (IDx)
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Who We Serve

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  • Senior Care

    Our healthcare program works together with senior care communities to diagnose pathogen infections and guide treatment via analysis of pharmacogenes. Our goal is to improve the lives of residents by decreasing unscheduled hospital events and mortality rates due to adverse drug reactions and ineffective medications.

  • Healthcare Facilities

    We are the perfect choice for physician practices, community-based healthcare centers, hospitals, surgery centers, long-term care facilities, and anyone caring for patients. Our tests provide greater treatment decision guidance to improve patient wellness more efficiently.

  • Governments

    With our expanded capacity for testing, we've contracted with counties across the nation providing testing coverage potential for millions of citizens and multiple government departments and organizations.

  • Corporations

    As mandates evolve in private business, it is imperative to keep employees healthy and safe. With reliable, self-administered tests, many companies are able to create a safe environment and lower healthcare costs by catching illnesses earlier and by keeping employees on the right medication.

Who is GeneIQ

A Leader in Molecular Diagnostic Testing

GeneIQ is a CLIA and COLA certified molecular diagnostics laboratory specializing in real-time reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (rT-PCR) testing. Our state-of-the-art lab, based in the Dallas metroplex, is a leading innovator in pharmacogenomic testing and infectious disease testing for respiratory, urinary, and sexually transmitted pathogens as well as women's health and wound care. Our objective is to improve treatment guidance and advance patient wellness.

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People are Talking...

  • “My daughter struggles with major depression. I cannot count on two hands how many medications and dosage changes she has had to withstand to try to find the right medication! We heard about the GeneIQ pharmacogenomic test and went straight to our physician to discuss this option. We all agreed that this was a wonderful resource for my daughter. I am blessed beyond words to be able to report that this test showed us the right medication and dosage to take, and that she now feels wonderful for the first time in years.”

    Janet Love

    GeneIQ Customer

  • “As an Assisted Living and Memory Care Director, I have worked with many residents that cannot express to us why they feel out of sorts or anxious, and who have tried many medications to help. These residents go through “trial” after “trial” with new medications to assist with their symptoms, without seeing an improvement. Then I heard about GeneIQ and their molecular DNA test that measures how a specific person’s DNA metabolizes medications. We began to use this lab test for our residents who have had several medication changes in a period of time, and the clinical results have been outstanding! We no longer have to guess what might work for the individual, which has allowed their providers to order a specific medication with an understanding of what will work the first time. In addition, we do not have to worry about adverse reactions to medications, because the report shows us this as well. I highly recommend for every provider to use this resource!”

    Stacey Broadnax

    Community Relations Director, Legacy at Bear Creek