GeneIQ Vaccine Direct, a division of GeneIQ, is committed to supporting your organization with zero cost on-site COVID-19 vaccinations.

Why GeneIQ?

GeneIQ has been a trusted resource throughout the pandemic and has serviced over half a million patients. With over 50 nurses on staff, our GeneIQ Vaccine Direct division is DSHS approved to administer Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson and Johnson vaccines for COVID-19. We supply all of the medical staff and supplies on-site with end-to-end service at NO COST to the patient or organization. We also offer boosters and flu vaccines via a safe and convenient process.

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I am more than pleased to have this opportunity to celebrate a successful collaboration between Richardson ISD and GeneIQ. Working through the pandemic over the course of the last 18 months has definitely had its challenges. Fortunately, working with GeneIQ to vaccinate over 700 of our students was not one of them. When GeneIQ reached out to RISD, I immediately had confidence that they would do everything in their power to deliver a successful outcome. Here are just few highlights of our experience:

  • Collaborative and organized
  • Immediate response to email and phone calls
  • Quick adjustments and willingness to pivot upon request
  • Reflective
  • Supportive and responsive to community
  • Friendly and supportive team

RISD looks forward to opportunities to collaborate with GeneIQ in the future. They are definitely on the top of our partner list.

Brenda Payne

Assistant Superintendent
Administrative Services - Richardson Independent School District