Individualizing treatment plans with genetic precision 


Analysis of a patient’s pharmacogenes guides physicians in prescribing the optimal medication and dosage the first time, while avoiding the potential for adverse effects. 

Do your patients experience Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs)? 

Adverse drug reactions are the 4th leading cause of death in the United States. More than two million ADRs occur annually, costing an excess of $800 billion to the healthcare system. Pharmacogenomics allows healthcare providers to minimize adverse drug reactions and optimize therapeutic efficacy. Genomic data help clinicians avoid using a trial-and-error approach to prescribing medications, making medication management more efficient and effective. By combining pharmacology (the science of drugs) and genomics (the study of genes), this test aids clinicians in prescribing effective and safe medications at appropriate dosages based on an individual’s genetic profile. 


The Right Medication, The First Time

The GeneIQ PGx test reduces these healthcare challenges by enabling providers to predict the right medication regimen. 


PGx by Specialty

PGx by Specialty



My daughter struggles with major depression. I cannot count on two hands how many medications and dosage changes she has had to withstand to try to find the right medication! We heard about the GeneIQ pharmacogenomic test and went straight to our physician to discuss this option. We all agreed that this was a wonderful resource for my daughter. I am blessed beyond words to be able to report that this test showed us the right medication and dosage to take, and that she now feels wonderful for the first time in years.

- Janet Love