PCR Testing for Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

Do your Patients Struggle with Chronic UTI's?
The number of urinary tract infections (UTI’s) are on the rise because of the prevalence and growing number of drug-resistant strains of the infection.1 As a country, we are prescribing broad-spectrum antibiotics, instead of treating individuals with targeted therapies.
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GeneIQ as the Solution

Compared to traditional culture-based testing, our DNA technique identifies several pathogens with molecular accuracy, and saves time and money. Additionally, Antibiotic Resistance biomarkers allow for precision treatment, leading to improved outcomes. Our UTI Pathogen Testing Solution uses the latest in RT-PCR technology to analyze your sample with speed and accuracy. We rapidly detect and differentiate the most relevant bacterial and fungal pathogens so patients can quickly receive the proper treatment plan.

Our molecular precision provides a more definitive diagnosis than standard culture methods.
Molecular Precision Testing
  • Detects co-infections simultaneously

  • Identifies antibiotic-resistant genes

  • Limits progression and spread of infection

  • Reduces excessive use of broad-spectrum agents

  • Improves treatment selection

Cultured Based Testing
  • Failed treatment attempts

  • Unnecessary drug exposure

  • Potential adverse effects

  • Delayed cure

  • Excessive costs