Client Testimonials

StoneGate Senior Living

"GeneIQ has been our lab partner since June 2020,” said Brandon Tappan, vice president of operations at StoneGate Senior Living. “Our previous partner didn’t have the capacity to do the tests we needed. Tests were coming back seven to ten days; some were even compromised. After hearing about GeneIQ and its work, we quickly switched and have been pleased with the less than 48 -hour turnaround time. We’re able to maintain the health of our residents and employees and keep them in a low risk, contained environment, and we are grateful for our partnership with GeneIQ."


- Brandon Tappan, Vice President of Operations at StoneGate Senior Living

Enterhealth, LLC

"We are an essential business that must provide needed addiction treatment 24/7/365. The safety of our patients and employees has never been so critical than during this pandemic. Having the right testing partner for COVID 19 that delivered accurate, timely and pain free options gave us the insight and confidence to make key decisions and continue providing the necessary addiction treatment during these fearful times. We are grateful for GeneIQ’s approach that eliminated all barriers for testing."


- David Kniffen, Jr., President and CEO

The Point Group

"When we learned that there had been an exposure to COVID 19 in our building, we were concerned about the best process for testing our employees. With all of the controversy around the inaccuracy of most “rapid” testing in the marketplace and the painful process of the test itself, we chose GeneIQ for their accuracy of results, the convenience of self-administering and the non-invasive insertion of the swab. It was a “no-brainer” decision."


- Brenda Hurtado, President and COO

Signature Pointe

"GeneIQ has been our lab partner since shortly after the outbreak of this pandemic. They’ve been amazing to work with and their turnaround time is great. Their team is easy to work with and is always responsive. If I have to go through a pandemic, I’m glad GeneIQ is my partner to help me navigate through it."


- Marilyn Davis, Executive Director

Urgent HomeMD

"We have been extremely pleased with GeneIQ for their timely results/quick turnaround times, accuracy of results, as well as the fact that we have so much support and communication from supporting team members who are accessible and personable."


- J. Clint Lowry MD, Founder and CEO