Enterprise Offering

The Gene-IQ enterprise kit is intended to be used by companies, long-term care facilities, or large physician practices who need to test a large group of individuals quickly and return the samples in bulk back to our laboratory for processing. These kits contain all the necessary specimen collection supplies to include collection tubes, swabs, protective packaging, shipping labels and prearranged shipping or courier service back to the Gene-IQ laboratory.



  1. Gene-IQ supplies the facility with all of the necessary swabs, collection tubes, biohazard bags, barcode labels, and return packaging.

  2. The employee, resident or staff member can either self-administer the non-invasive nasal swab or be assisted by a medical technician. The samples are assembled by a designated company coordinator, who returns the samples via FedEx overnight to our laboratory. Each sample has a barcode to ensure accurate tracking of patient samples. Only the coordinator knows which employee is associated with each test.

  3. Within 24-48 hours of receipt of the sample, Gene-IQ will post the results in the Gene-IQ HIPAA-compliant portal.