Patient Assistance

MicroGenDX is a laboratory service that provides physicians a diagnostic tool to identify bacteria and fungal microbes, which can be causing an infection. Before making a treatment decision or prescribing an antibiotic your physician needs to know the type of microorganism at the site of infection.

MicroGenDX is a molecular laboratory that uses the latest technology to identify the microbes by their DNA. Just as you have your own unique DNA, every species of bacteria or fungus has its own unique DNA. We now have a database with the DNA of over 50,000 species of microbes! By knowing the DNA of thousands of species of bacteria and fungus, we can extract the DNA from your sample and match it to this database!

Scientists have used DNA to identify microbes for many years and believe the technology is the Gold Standard for identifying microbes. In the past the technology was too expensive and took too long to use in human medicine, until now. MicroGenDX is the world leader in using Next Generation Sequencing to detect and identify microorganisms.

Your doctor could have used another diagnostic tool for identifying bacteria or fungus and that tool is likely a traditional culture. Your insurance carrier may have covered the cost of a traditional culture but you should understand the differences between a culture and DNA sampling.

Culture means to grow. The traditional culture has been the primary diagnostic tool for detecting microbes since its discovery in 1870. Less than 1% of microbes will grow in culture! Your samples also needs to be at the culture lab in 2 hours and kept at room temperature. (If not, it will not grow) When you see the lab boxes sitting outside of your physician office, that is where your sample will often sit for hours before being picked up! (DNA samples are not as sensitive to time and temperature).

This means that DNA technology used by MicroGenDX is more accurate than culture in detecting the bacteria and fungus causing your symptoms. Now your doctor has better information to prescribe the right treatment. It could mean the difference in you feeling better faster. It will also be lower cost to you from not having to pay for repeat office visits and repeated courses of antibiotics can be the result of a culture being wrong.